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Still Flying (author: admin)

New work featured in the new show companion book " Still Flying ". Here  is a sample from the interview.


How did you get involved with Firefly? How did the process work? Presumably you were working from the script, and perhaps discussions with Carey Meyer? Did you get to meet with Joss?


I got involved with Firefly in the very beginning stages. Loni Peristere of Zoic Studios came to me and asked me to board out the first battle sequence in episode one.  He was my main window into the production part of the Firefly experience.  When necessary I accompanied him into meetings with Joss and the rest of the creative crew over there.  For the most part I completed the boards at Zoic and at my private studio.


What was your favorite sequence that you storyboarded?


My Favorite sequence to storyboard would have to be the battle sequence from episode one as well. It really set the mood, had loads of action and emotion driving the visuals.  And of course it was a kick ass way to set the tone of the episode


How do you feel about the Browncoats (the fans) and the continuing interest in the show?


Firefly was an awesome show.  Masterfully thought out and thouroughly entertaining.  It is not surprising it has generated such a loyal following.  As far as the Browncoats (the fans) really really cool keep the torch burning never give up – I can definitely identify with that line of thinking.

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